Employee Training and Documentation

Lets get straight to the point, technology can be confusing. So much, that even us life long, full time technology experts still need and desire to train so that we can keep our technical skills current. As you are rolling out new technology chances are you have thought about how to educate your users to ensure that they can use and operate your investments. For many businesses and organizations this user training can come in many forms: video, text based and virtual/in-person events or some combination of these.

We absolutely love preparing and performing user documentation and training sessions. We can assist you and your team at just about any level of your project documentation process, from full stack to internal training systems and processes. Leveraging existing file/folder or more advanced web-based management system like any technology solution rarely does one idea work for all.

  • Software Training
  • Hardware Training
  • Technical Training
  • Documentation platforms
  • E-Learning Management Solutions
  • Knowledge Base
  • Employee Technical Guides/Manuals
  • Website walkthrough and guiding
  • New employee onboarding
  • Technical Team Mentoring and Guides
  • and more…

Technology Consulting

Finding the correct solution that meets your current needs, budget, all while allowing it to adhere to your short or long term business plan can be a daunting task. However this type of problem solving is our specialty. We are here to assist you and your teams find the correct solutions to your needs. This way they can focus on what they do best, operate your business and not learning new technology’s that may or may not be a viable option. Our technology consulting services are focused around understanding your needs to ensure that a recommended solution will not only fit the technical requirements, will work with any current technologies required but are also focused on ensure that of the human requirements are recognized and accounted for.

If you are just starting up your business, looking to modernize/replace legacy technologies, migrating to the cloud or are looking to optimize a business process, we are here to find the correct solution for you. With a business centric focus we tailor our solutions to your business needs, targets and your staff.

  • IT Project Development
  • IT Project Management
  • IT Process Review
  • IT Documentation development and Management
  • IT Review and Assessment
  • Development Operations
  • and more…

Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

Many businesses have a need for a technology manager/CIO. However for most there is often not a long term or even full time need for one. This generally means that the responsibilities are given to an office manager or IT management goes to the general management team. Either of which will typically mean that the decisions are driven by recommendations from their either the internal IT resources or from an outsourced IT Managed Service Provider to understand both needs and solutions. This scenario though not uncommon, often creates a disconnect between IT services and business services.

vCIO services allow your organization to avoid or if needed correct the gap between IT team and the business needs. We become a dedicated resource for your management team to lean on for sound, unbiased advice. Our focus is solely on what is best for the business. To ensure this, from the start we set responsibilities and expectations to be as flexible or rigid as you decide.

We have standardized some vCIO offering and can offer truly customized roles based on your requirements so that we can assist your organizations fulfill its needs:

  • vCIO: Business Focused : Management and policy driven responsibilities
    • Understand your organizations standards, roles and duties
    • Business Processes Optimizations with technology
    • Assist or take-over management of IT teams/Vendors
    • Develop and maintain business policies and processes to fill gaps in current environment
    • Assets Analysis: Hardware, Software, Services and Vendors
    • IT Budgeting
  • vCIO: Business and Solution Focused: Solution development and planning
    • All roles within the Business Focused role above
    • Develop and Present complete IT solutions with costs
  • vCIO: Part Time/Term: All the benefits for a fraction of the cost
    • vCIO Business and Solutions Focused responsibilities listed above
    • Act and operate as your internal CIO part-time or term

IT Engineering and Implementation Services

Our team is at its core technology experts and enthusiasts, its in our blood. We have founded our careers and livelihoods around learning and implementing technology. To not offer implementation services simply isn’t an option for us or our team members. While we do not offer full time 24×7 MSP services (we do have partnerships with several providers and have worked with dozens more to help your meet this need) we do offer implementation services on-top of our design and management services.

We work with both IT MSP providers and individual organizations that are looking for project work or high-level expertise for tasks that their internal IT team/staff may not have the time, experience or exposure to accomplish a project or deadline. Our services are not limited to one time projects but can be integrated into your IT team to fill roles, tier 3/4 support, management, administration and more. Some areas of technical expertise:

  • Cloud Services (general, web hosting and etc..)
  • Cloud Hosting: Microsoft, Google, AWS, Citrix
  • Data Center Service (Migrations, Management and Design)
  • Data Center Operations (Design and Management)
  • DEVOPS (management and infrastructure design)
  • Docker (containers)
  • Linux Desktop Platforms
  • Linux Server Platforms
  • Mac Desktop Platforms (Apple)
  • Mac Server (Apple)
  • Microsoft/Azure 365 platform (full stack, Basic to E5)
  • Microsoft Windows Desktop Platforms (3.11 – Current)
  • Microsoft Windows Server Platform (NT to 2022)
  • Networking: General (switches, core, stacks, blades and more)
  • Networking: Security (firewalls, security, ect.)
  • Procurement (hardware, software and services)
  • Phone (ip/pots) Systems and Services (on-prem or cloud based)
  • Remote Work Solutions (hybrid, full time)
  • System Security: Basic (spam, antivirus, malware)
  • Security Solutions: Advanced (MFA, 2FA, Biometric, Encryption, AI based and more)
  • Budgeting
  • Cost Analysis
  • and more…

Are you looking for a service that is not listed above? Please feel free to reach out and ask. If there is service you are looking for that we do not offer, chances are high that we have a partner with-in our network that can help you.