Enable/Disable OneDrive from auto-starting with Windows/login (works with most auto start enabled applications as well)

Ensure that OneDrive is starting how you want it to start, automatically or not. 

If you wish to review or change the way that OneDrive starts you can easily accomplish this by setting its "Startup" type to Enabled or Disabled. This process will work with any other programs displayed on the list on step 4 (the list is specific to your computer and applications, and assumes you have the correct permissions to do so)


  • You have the correct permissions (this article is written for OneDrive, this is attached to the user and typically does not require administrative rights or special access) to modify the applications startup settings
  • You are using Windows 10 (this process should work with previous windows down to XP), Windows 11 requires step # 1 to be completed on the Start button and NOT the taskbar
  • You have OneDrive installed, though not required it is assumed that it has been configured as well

The Process

  1.  Right Click the Taskbar (1) and then click on (2) Task Manager 
  2. Task Manager will open up; If this is the first time opening "Task Manager" you will see a minimalistic version and will need to click on "More details" in the lower left to expand to view more options

  3. Click on the "Start" tab in the top center of the window

  4. The list of running applications may not be in a specific order for you, I typically organize by name. To do this, click the word "Name" on top column

  5. Scroll down to find and locate OneDrive, you can see if its Startup status is set to "Enabled" or "Disabled" there is a button in the lower right that will allow you to change from one state to the other by clicking the button


  6. Once you have reviewed (and if desired made changes to the Startup state) you can close the "Task Manager" window (one way of doing this is by clicking the X in the upper right corner of the window)

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